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Maps and dlc

Pretty straight forward question

Are any maps and modes locked behind downloading dlc.

Im very new to tf2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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For the fans

TITANFALL 2 RAP by JT Music feat. Teamheadkick - "Aligned with Giants"
TITANFALL 2 RAP by JT Music feat. Teamheadkick - "Aligned with Giants" YouTube
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Art Design

What did you like more, TF1 or TF2 art design?
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High five MRVN

Is it possible to high five the MRVN in the dropship? I doubt it is but he looks so sad when he is denied. MRVNs need love too.

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Legion is n00b?

Lets preface this with the fact that I'm new to the community so I dont know what people consider skillful or not etc. What makes Legion a noob titan, I use him alot although not exclusively but I dont see what makes him fall into that "class" of titans.

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Sidewinder thoughts

I've been testing some different guns and I was wondering what yall have to say about the sidewinder, I hopped in a game of attrition and had a pretty easy time of it so in thinking about using it more often but I could use some advice.

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Best class

What's the best starter class setup for both pilot and titan
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Who wanna play

Add me ps4 xXM3M3Z_420Xx
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Titanfall 2 TIERLIST

For anyone who is interested in the in game tiers and balancing: this guy explains it pretty well.
Titanfall 2 Tier List - August 2017
Titanfall 2 Tier List - August 2017 YouTube
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What do people want with tf3 just wondering
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All Primary Weapons VS Pilots: Review 2018 (TF2)

R-1/201 Carbine : I see it used too often. It's pretty good
Hemlok BF-R : GOD tier - It's like a laser beam. I love this weapon.
G2A5 : I don't like it. It's decent
V-47 Flatline : It's good - To me, it's an upgraded R-1/201
CAR : Great weapon - Easy to use
Alternator : It's good and fairly accurate
R-97 Compact SMG : It's good
Volt : The ranged SMG - I'd stick to an AR though. It's pretty good
Spitfire : Massive magazine coupled with good damage. It's like an automatic G2A5 (It's very good
L-STAR : The hip-fire god. I like it
X-55 Devotion : The magazine seems a bit to small, but it's decent
Kraber-AP Sniper : A bit too slow for me. It's decent
Longbow-DMR : Probably the best sniper. 2 shot kills at most. It's good
Mastiff : It's good
EVA-8 Shotgun : The range is too short to be effective. It's bad
Sidewinder SMR : Amazing all around weapon. Good against Grunts, pilots and titans. I think it becomes too op with amped weapons
EPG-1 : It's decent, but not one for me
R-6P Softball : It's great against everything, but watch out for the reload
EM-4 Cold War : I don't like it. It's decent though

I spent too much time on this. Hope you enjoyed - Sorry if I triggered you by insulting your favourite weapons
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What is your highest level titan?? Mine is Gen 2 I do believe
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Got any tips for ion, its my favorite titan, but im not very good at staying alive very long and i also am not very good with her core. If any one has tips pls let me know.
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Titanfall Wiki Discord

Just posting to let everyone know that Titanfall Wiki now has a Discord server. If you're wanting to discuss Titanfall or the Wiki, feel free to join. Link is provided below;

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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What weapons do you think are a "Hidden Wonder" / Underrated weapon?

The first big one to me is the sidewinder.
It's my most used and most effective weapon
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New to fandom

Hey everyone, im new to this fandom, wondering how many ps4 users are on here
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Which primaries do you enjoy using the most?

My favourites are the sidewinder and softball
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