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The 1st Militia Fleet is one of at least nine fleets allied with the Frontier Militia, and the fleet involved in the events of the game Titanfall.

History Edit

Prior to the Fracture Operation, the 1st Militia Fleet had been pursued by Vice Admiral Marcus Graves for several months. Running out of fuel and supplies, the fleet engaged in The Refueling Raid.

Having refuelled at the cost of over fifty vessels, the fleet retreated to Sector Bravo-217 to hide, only to discover the outpost constructed by James MacAllan on Troy. Recruiting the ex-officer to the cause, the Militia fleet then made an attack on Angel City, with their Hornet fighters crippling IMS Sentinel. However, the fleet was not yet strong enough to directly engage the IMC naval forces; they needed to permanently remove the Sentinel from the game. This was achieved by the sacrifice of the Militia vessel Montana, allowing soldiers of the Marauder Corps to infiltrate Outpost 207 to take over its Orbital Defense Cannon.

With the Sentinel down for the count, the Militia could take advantage of the chaos to travel to Base Golden, aided by Robert "Barker" Taube. Here, they would obtain Repulsor Tower schematics in preparation for their assault on Airbase Sierra. While Pilots and Grunts disabled the IMC's fleet, the 1st Militia Fleet joined with many other Militia vessels in the outskirts of the Demeter system, before proceeding to engage the IMC in the Battle of Demeter.

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