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The Advanced Optical Gunsight (AOG) is a weapon attachment that appears in Titanfall. It has a 2.4x zoom, allowing for good target acquisition at mid to long range, but ineffective at close range. Its cumbersome sight can also make target tracking difficult. The sight has an ammo counter and an ammo meter. The ammo meter is an illuminated blue ring around the sight, depleting downwards as the magazine empties, turning red when low on ammo. The ammo counter is located at the bottom of the scope, a blue number, turning red with the ammo meter when low on ammo.

Commonly found on sniper rifles and battle rifles, as this is the lowest zoom available to sniper weapons. Using this, a sniper can still shoot accurately out to a good range but can defend himself or herself from close-in attackers during emergencies. This is the most scope-like of all the sights available to non-sniper weapons but unlike true scopes, the area outside the scope when aimed will not be blackened out.

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