This article is about mod for the XOTBR-16 Chaingun in Titanfall, and may redirect here. For the Monarch Titan upgrade in Titanfall 2, see XO-16 Accelerator.

The Accelerator is a weapon attachment that appears in Titanfall. Currently it is only available for the XO-16 Chaingun. The attachment lowers the weapons fire rate when the trigger is first pulled, but will greatly increase with prolonged fire.

  • This mod increases Chaingun magazine to 150 rounds.
  • When the trigger is pulled, the rate of fire will be 50% of the normal fire rate but will rapidly accelerate to 170% of the normal fire rate in 5 seconds.
  • Near the end of the magazine it becomes difficult to control weapon recoil.
  • If the trigger is released, the fire rate drops rapidly, but does not stop completely, allowing the weapon to be feathered to maintain accuracy and fire rate.
  • This mod makes Chaingun significantly worse against infantry, because there is no room for weapon ramp-up, and much better against titans.
  • If used with the Atlas chassis, the Damage Core ability coupled with the incredible rate of fire and high ammunition makes this mod extremely dangerous against enemy titans and can singlehandedly cripple or even destroy the Dropship in the epilogue if a full magazine is used.

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