Airbase is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall and Titanfall Online. Airbase is on a distant moon of Demeter, and functions as a docking station for warships. It is equipped with three Repulsor Tower, sonic emitters which force the wildlife away from the base. 

Summary Edit

IMC Airbase Sierra is one of the largest installations ever built on the Frontier, situated on a planet where giant Leviathans roam the landscape. To protect its base from the super-sized local wildlife, the IMC has installed three huge Wildlife Repulsor Towers, also referred to as “dog whistle” towers by base personnel. Built to service the largest ships in the fleet, the base structures are huge, creating large encapsulated regions of combat. Pilots often fight fiercely over the turret at the edge of the Airbase, where the adjoining building can serve as a very defensible firebase with good sight lines.[1] 

This map has many wall jumps and runs that you can really take advantage of, which will aid your team towards a victory. Study this map and the many jumps and you’re sure to pull off some incredible plays. 

It features a large hill that grants tactical superiority, but also limits the mobility of Titans and Pilots on top. There is only one Heavy Turret on this map. 

Frontier Defense Edit

On Frontier Defense, this map has five waves. The Harvester on this map is located at the back of the map, next to the Heavy Turret. Enemies can approach from down the ramp to the right, through the hangar in front or from the airfield to the left. The presence of a Heavy Turret will greatly assist in defending the Harvester.

"Mechanized Commandos" Edit

"Static Charge" Edit

"Light Fallout" Edit

  • 8x Nuke Titan
  • 24x Suicide Spectre
  • 2x Cloak Drone
  • 24x Spectre
  • 24x Grunt

"Flash Bomb" Edit

"Irradiated" Edit

  • 2x Mortar Titan
  • 4x Arc Titan
  • 20x Nuke Titan
  • 64x Spectre
  • 28 Grunt

Trivia Edit

  • If the IMC loses the match, Bish will take control of the dormant IMC gunships and destroy the repulsor towers, enabling the wildlife to enter the base. Also the IMS Solaris on the runway will leave the base.
  • According to Grunt chatter, the Fliers around he base dissipate every six hours or so, allowing IMC passage in and out of the base before they return.

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References Edit

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