Twin Barrel SMG.
— Description

The Alternator (also referred to as the SP-14 Hatchet in concept art) is a Pilot anti-personnel twin-barrel submachine gun that makes its debut in Titanfall 2.[1] Unlike the other weapons in Titanfall 2 (excluding the Flatline), this submachine gun has side-to-side recoil instead of vertical recoil commonly seen with other weapons. The "Hatchet" earned its nickname from its shape, high rate of fire and brutally "chopping" up its targets in close quarters engagements with its 10mm round. Its firing range is effective at 200 metres with a muzzle velocity of 800 m/s and a muzzle energy of 510j in 9.78 m/s^2 standard gravity.

Tried and true, the recoil dampening system is ideal for firing while in movement, which is an ideal selection for Shinobi-Class Pilots. Its high speed, lightweight, compact design allows for Pilots to operate melee weapons while accurately delivering a hail of gunfire downrange. Skilled pilots are known to eliminate whole squads of Drop Pod infantry in seconds armed with an SP-14 Hatchet and a Machete.

The SP-14 features a collapsible stock, snub foregrip, and is compatible with Extended Magazines, Suppressors, Holosights, Threat Scopes, Underbarrel Flashlights and HCOG Sights.

A useful tip from experienced players is to fire in short, controlled bursts called "tapfire". This can negate almost all of this weapon's recoil.

Weapon ModsEdit

Image Name Description Unlock
Extra Ammo
Increased ammo capacity. (From 20 to 25).
Alternator Level 2
Shoot while sprinting.
Alternator Level 4
Faster reload.
Alternator Level 5
Gun Ready
Fast transition into aiming down the sights.
Alternator Level 7
Quick Swap
Faster transition when switching to this weapon.
Alternator Level 8
Pilot kills increase Tactical availability (Faster cooldown).
Alternator Level 9

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

Image Name Description Unlock
Factory Issue
Stock sights.
Alternator Level 1
Open holographic combat optical gunsight.
Alternator Level 3
HCOG Ranger
Enhanced zoom scope.
Alternator Level 6
Threat Scope
Makes enemies easy to spot by applying an AR overlay to them. Warning: Disables extra mod slot.
Alternator Level 10
Pro Screen
Attachment that displays lifetime weapon XP count for the weapon.
Alternator Regeneration


  • Originally, the Alternator was known as the Hatchet, due to its resemblance to said tool. The concept art for the Alternator depicts a weapon that functions completely differently from the weapon present in Titanfall 2 today, with faster fire rate than the R-97 Compact SMG.
  • The barrels actually push forwards while the Alternator is firing, implying that it may actually use a blow-forward mechanism.


References Edit

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