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Ammunition is a basic resource for all Weapons in Titanfall. Each Weapon in Titanfall uses some kind of Ammunition through cartridges or energy, for different roles across the field.

Ammunition used by the Pilots on the Frontier includes:

Primary Weapons

  • 8.19 mm : The standard cartridge of the Frontier. The copper-jacket Tungsten Penetrator is used with different bullet weights, with the standard bullet weight used for the R-101C and the Heavy +P-Variant used for the Amped R-101C and with the special Match-Bullet used for the Longbow-DMR.
  • 7.62 mm: A heavy round used by the Spitfire LMG, and likely the Hemlok BF-R.
  • 6.19x97 mm : A high-velocity cartridge, using a smaller bullet and more propellant for higher penetration. The G2A4 rifle is chambered for this bullet.
  • 5.8x42 mm : An old intermediate Cartridge, now present as a PDW-Caliber for the R-97 Compact SMG. Same dimensions as a real life Chinese rifle round.
  • 6.19 mm: Using a Bullet similar to the 6.19x97-LEC-Round, but with a smaller case for more compact size, this advanced round was conceived for the C.A.R. SMG for smaller size of the weapon but with the same effectiveness as a carbine.
  • 14.5x114 mm: The anti-materiel Bullet is one of the heaviest rifle-calibers existing, using a Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot for extended range, with the Kraber-AP Sniper being chambered for this deadly round. It has identical dimensions to a real life Soviet round.
  • 12-Gauge Double 00 Buckshot: The widespread Shotgun-Shell is the go-for for the EVA-8 Shotgun.
  • 9.89 mm Guided Bullet: This smart bullet uses fins and computer lock-on technology to guide itself at the target, and, as such, is used in the Smart Pistol MK5.

Secondary Weapons

  • 11.43x23 mm: The cartridge used by the Hammond P2011 pistol and the RE-45 autopistol. Has identical dimensions to the real life .45 ACP pistol cartridge used by the M1911.

Anti-Titan Weapons

Titan Weapons

  • 20mm: This heavy bullet is widespread across automatic Heavy Machine Guns, usable for Titans in the XOBTR-16 Chaingun. The XO-16 uses a 1.6 inch long (20x40.64mm) version.
  • 40 mm: A straightforward Grenade that is heavier and has more punch than the magnetized variant. The 40 mm Cannon is chambered for this type of ammunition.
  • 60-mm Rocket: A smaller Rocket which has less splash damage but allowing for more Rockets in the magazine, and present in the Quad Rocket.
  • Plasma Charge: A load of super-pressurized gaseous Plasma in metal canister, which generates a high grade detonation upon impact. It is used in the Plasma Railgun for long-range use.
  • Electric Bolts: Generated through electrostatic particles in the surrounding Area, the electric energy is used by the Arc Cannon for areal effectiveness.

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