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Drop smoke at a chock point and flank them. Misdirection at its finest.
— Bish

Amped Electric Smoke is a Burn Card featured in Titanfall. It replaces your next Titan's Tactical Ability with an Electric Smoke that lasts
3 seconds longer, or 43% longer; Lasting for 10 seconds instead of 7 seconds. The smoke cloud also appears much thicker, but isn't larger.


  • Arguabley the best burn card for frontier defense mode as the extra three seconds is enough to ensure the demise of nuke Titans or to kill off vast groups of minions that are rushing towards the Harvester.


  • Despite it adding more time to the Electric Smoke it does not expand the kill radius nor double damage per second not only that but professional pilots can easily avoid electric smoke as soon as they see it being deployed.

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