Amped LMG is a Burn Card that appears in Titanfall. It replaces the Primary Weapon with a rapid fire Spitfire LMG. The Amped LMG has a 44% (4/9) increase in fire rate, going from an RPM of 540 to 780; however there is no decrease in accuracy or recoil. It is pre-equipped with the Holosight optic. This is one of the "weakest" amped primary weapons in the game, as all it does is increase the fire rate, which, when fighting in medium-long range, forces you to fire in bursts, which contradicts what the game recommends for the orginial Spitfire. Also, the rapid fire is basically slammer, as it destroys titans when rodoeing just a bit (4%) slower than a Spitfire with the Slammer attachment.

However, that does not mean it is bad. The increase in fire rate makes it much more viable in close areas, allowing you to fill the air with very deadly, fast firing lead. Allowing you to do the damage of a LMG with slammer, while being able to be increasingly effective in close combat. If you can handle the fierce recoil, and enjoy filling the air with lead, then this gun is for you.

As with all amped weapons, it is recommended to have a class set up with the orginial version of the weapon, so you have a class that best compliments the amped version.

Killing an enemy with it will make them explode into bits of meat (Grunts) or into scrap metal (Spectres)

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