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The slightest edge over Titan Shielding technology could shave months off the war.

Amped XO-16 is a Burn Card featured in Titanfall. It replaces your next titan's weapon with a XO-16 Chaingun that fires Arc Rounds. This does increased damage to Titan Shields and damage to Vortex Shields like the Arc Cannon. It can take down a Titan's shields in about 2 seconds, meaning it does around 103 to 107 damage to shields. It also has a slight distortion effect like the Arc Cannon.

The Amped XO-16 has since seen introduced as a more standard weapon in the XO16A2 Chaingun's Burst Core, utilised in the Vanguard-Class Titan, and the Arc Rounds utilised by the Monarch.


  • This Burn Card can give a Titan player that extra edge in last titan standing or Frontier Defense as the XO-16's Arc rounds can make quick work of an enemy Titan's shields.


  • Due to Titan weapon cards being rare to get, the chances of owning this Burn Card are slim unless a challenge for it is completed or if bought from the Black Market.

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