IMS Odyssey

The wreckage of IMS Odyssey, the first Andromeda-Class starship

Andromeda-class carriers are a classification of carrier used by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation's Frontier fleets.[1]


Despite their size and legacy, most Andromeda-class carriers are considered out-dated when compared to other classifications used by the IMC. The most well-known of the Andromeda-class was the IMS Odyssey, which was commandeered and wrecked on an uncharted planet early in the Titan Wars. By the time of the events of Titanfall, the Odyssey was one of the only Andromeda-class carriers still in existence.[2]


Among its many features, the Andromeda-class was renowned for its durability and resilience, as well as its slow movement speed. Its basic design consists of a squat, broad contiguous hull mounted with four massive nacelles and eight aft engines.[1] Unlike traditional carriers the Andromeda-class mounted a set of very heavy weaponry on its hull, complemented by several feet of borium armor plating and an engineering layout sturdy enough to function after over fifteen years of disuse.[2] The interior of the vessel was primarily occupied by two massive deployment bays for carrying heavy armor and Titans.[1]