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Annapolis render front

Front view of the Annapolis

The Annapolis was meant to be a large space tanker ship which needed protection during one of our space landing sequences. It's of extreme value to both sides.
Titanfall artist Kevin Anderson

The Annapolis is a large space tanker ship in Titanfall. It was originally meant to be a ship requiring protection during one of the game's space landing sequences. In the Titan Wars it became a military transport carrying Pilots, Spectres and Titans.

In The Battle of Demeter, the Annapolis (Or a very similar class of ship) can be seen battling the IMS Colossus.



  • While rarely seen in-game, it is however seen in the loading screen after a match or before entering a lobby.
  • The Annapolis is perhaps named after the Unites States nuclear submarine of the same name.

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