The Arc Grenade is a grenade used by Pilots.


Arc Grenade is a support grenade in the game. It has a 1.75 second fuse, it will start beeping after being held for 1.25 seconds, where it's too late to throw it. Its appearance is almost identical to the Frag Grenade, however it has bluish decals and what appears to be lights attached to the protrusions. Unlike Frags, Arc Grenades can be of notable use when fighting a titan on foot. Arc Grenades deal less damage compared to Frag Grenades, but heavily distort the vision systems of Titans and Pilots that are caught in the blast radius. These grenades are also effective against minions and it is possible to take out entire squads with one grenade.

For those used to previous FPS, this is the Titanfall equivalent to a "Flashbang" or Stun grenade. The major difference is that it actually deals damage to pilots and Titans, and will outright kill grunts.

If thrown at undamaged spectres, instead of killing them, the grenade will short circuit the spectres and shut them off for about 5 or 6 seconds. Afterwards, the spectres will then stand back up and continue fighting normally.


Arc Grenades distort the vision systems of Titans and Pilots, making them essentially blind for the duration of the distortion. Arc Grenades are more lethal against Titans than Pilots, dealing heavy damage to Titan shields. One grenade can take out approximately 70%-80% from the shield capacity. Interestingly, it strips off the same amount from Ogre shields with both Shield Core active and deactive.

  • Kills groups of minions within its blast radius
  • Can lower or disable a Titan's shield but inflicts less damage to its armor.


Arc Grenades aren't as lethal as the Frag Grenades nor Satchel Charges, requiring two grenades to kill a Pilot unless weakened by gunfire. Titans on the other hand only have their shields drained while inflicting minimal damage against them which could lead to a swift death if spotted by the enemy Titan.

If used during Frontier Defense, while riding in the dropship, they cannot be used until the dropship is close to the ground. This is due to the short fuse. If thrown when at a high altitude, unlike frag grenades which can possibly get to ground level before exploding, Arc Grenades will explode in mid-air without doing any damage. This is also the case in regular battles. If thrown over a building or across the map (called "fragging" in Call of Duty) Arc Grenades will explode in the air.

Like Frag Grenades, Arc Grenades can be cooked off. It is extremely recommended to avoid doing this, because the fuse is so short that if not immediately thrown, the grenade will explode in your hand, critically injuring you and giving you maximum distortion (since you are as close to the grenade as is possible in the game).


  • The Arc Grenade when used on Titans and Pilots functions similarly to the real world flashbang grenade, doing little actual damage but creating a sensory overload that effectively blinds the target.


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