The Arc Trap is a defensive Boost available for purchase at the Armory in Frontier Defense, for 650 Credits, and the spiritual successor to the Arc Mine of Titanfall. It is deployed in a manner similar to that of the A-Wall and Hard Cover, wherein a small disc is thrown onto the floor in front of the user. Once deployed, the Trap will stun any enemy Minion or Titan that wanders into its area-of-effect with a blast similar to that of an Arc Grenade. Whilst this effect does only minimal damage to the enemy, will stagger them and slow them down temporarily.

Arc Traps are exceptionally useful against enemies that do the most damage in close range such as Nuke Titans, Arc Titans and Scorch Titans, but it is also highly effective against all infantry.

Arc Traps are permanent features of the map and, once placed, will remain in place until the end of the game or until moved by their owner. Note that there is a short recharge time between firings, so a single mine can be overwhelmed by a sufficiently durable opponent or a large quantity of smaller threats. Arc Traps cannot be targeted by enemies or damaged by any form of attack, even Nuke Titan explosions.

Strategy Edit

  • Because of their sheer effectiveness - especially in the harder difficulties of Frontier Defense - consider buying Arc Traps with every spare credit you have. Titans (with the possible exception of a Tier 3 Monarch) can be replaced very quickly with good Anti-Titan use, making Amped Battery ineffective, and Nuke Rodeo is a very situational tool that relies on the Pilot in question avoiding death while boarding the Titan.
  • Avoid stacking Arc Traps in the same area - for the most effectiveness, space Arc Traps out so that their perimeters are just touching each other. This way, entire lanes can be coated in the Arc effect, ultimately massively slowing down the encroaching Titan horde.
  • Whilst Arc Traps are highly effective on 'main' lanes, they should also be used to cover secondary approaches. A well-placed Arc Trap can make the difference between a enemy Titan or Reaper making it to the Harvester and said enemy being intercepted by a defender, preventing unnecessary damage to the Harvester.
  • Consider setting up turrets to watch over areas guarded by Arc Traps. Whilst turrets are of modest effectiveness by themselves, they work even better against enemies that are slowed down or completely immobilized.

Trivia Edit

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