Assassin is a default Pilot loadout in Titanfall. It is unlocked at level 1. Compared to the Rifleman loadout, the Assassin rewards a stealthier style of gameplay. Equipped with a Suppressor, the Smart Pistol MK5 can silently dispatch minions and Pilots alike without revealing your position on the minimap, however Pilot locks take longer. Due to the Smart Pistol MK5’s limited effective range, it’s crucial to rely on mobility and the Cloak Tactical Ability to get the jump on opponents—the Power Cell Tier 1 Kit allows you to activate Cloak with greater frequency, making you difficult to spot, particularly by Titans. This loadout also benefits from the Minion Detector Tier 2 Kit, which reveals the locations of all Grunts and Spectres on the minimap at all times—use this information to hunt down these enemies, reducing your Titan’s build time. While the Sidewinder Anti-Titan weapon is capable of rapid fire, each hit does minimal damage. So instead of taking on a healthy enemy Titan, look for damaged Titans, preferably with disabled shields, and then unleash a volley of Sidewinder fire to take them down.

Primary Weapon
Smart Pistol MK5
Iron sights

Iron Sights
Mod suppressor

Anti-Titan Weapon
RE-45 Autopistol
Tactical Ability

Resized Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade
Kit power cell

Power Cell
Kit minion detector

Minion Detector

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