Assault Chip is a Titan kit in Titanfall 2, unlocked by default for all players. It increases the Auto-Titan lethality and is effectively the replacement of the Guardian Chip kit from Titanfall.

When an Auto-Titan is equipped with Assault Chip, Its attacks are more accurate and they gain the ability to use utility and offensive abilities without the Pilot's input. This Titan Kit makes an Auto-Titan an increased threat against all enemy forces on the Frontier, by allowing Auto-Titans usage of all their Tactical, Offensive and Defensive abilities as opposed to just their primary weapons.

Strategies Edit


  • Even when equipped, the performance of an Auto-Titan will still suffer in comparison to most new players in their own Titans.
  • Northstar with this kit will not use VTOL Hover.
  • Monarch with Assault Chip very rarely uses her Rearm.

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