"Assault on the Sentinel" is the fifth campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Attrition on Outpost 207.

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Spyglass: Damage assessment complete. Flagship IMS Sentinel damage report: during the Battle of Angel City, the Sentinel took critical internal damage from Militia fighter craft. The aft stabliser was rendered inoperative. Vice Admiral, I recommend three days in repairs.
Graves: There is a purpose to their sacrifice.
Blisk: What? To show how desperate they are?
Graves: They were, a few weeks ago I'd accept that. But with MacAllan calling the shots, I think he wants to move the Sentinel out of his way. You'e got to see the whole board, Blisk.
Spyglass: The nearest drydock large enough to house the Sentinel is on Outpost 207.
Graves: Spyglass, divert a destroyer to cover the Sentinel's patrol route until the repairs are complete. Activate all orbital cannons on the deck, and deploy Pilots to the Outpost - just in case.

Militia Edit

Barker: You guys are all gonna' die a horrible death, all I wanted was my damn drink, and you took me away from my-
(Unintelligible as Bish attempts to take the mic from Barker)
Barker: I know what you got planned, Mac. Knew the second you came to drag me outta' there. But that Sentinel's everywhere in your way and it's gonna kick your ass no matter what ya' try.
Bish: Hold on, Mac. This clown's suggesting we need to take down an IMC Supercarrier?
MacAllan: I've done it before.
Barker: That's cause' you don't know how to fly! Crashin' a carrier on a backwater planet's not the same as shooting one on the move!
MacAllan: That's why we're gonna' take it down while it's sitting still.
Sarah: So that's why you sent the Hornets after it? You knew it would go back to drydock.
Bish: Uh, Mac, the mic's still on. Alright, for those of you who missed that, we're going to take down the supercarrier IMS Sentinel. That's it, Titan Pilots - suit up and get ready.


Although Barker is succesfully extracted from Angel City, he is reluctant to help MacAllan unless an IMC Carrier, IMS Sentinel, is destroyed. The Sentinel, according to Barker, is an impassable threat in this sector that must be eliminated before he is of any help to MacAllan. MacAllan's gambit to send fighters against the Sentinel during the Battle of Angel City pays off. As part of their plan, the Militia sends in a large decoy ship to draw fire from the orbital defense cannons, to allow their troop-carrying dropships to infiltrate IMC airspace.[1]

During the battle, Militia troops take over the fire-control centre of the gun at Outpost 207, with additional troops deployed at Outpost 210 and Outpost 197. In the event of an IMC victory, the Sentinel is crippled and forced to make an emergency landing, with the IMC intending to later salvage and repair the vessel. In the event of a Militia victory, the vessel is completely destroyed, with only a fraction of the crew able to evacuate.

References Edit

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