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Mode Attrition

Attrition is a game mode that appears in Titanfall. It serves as a team deathmatch-style gametype, with the goal being to obtain more kills than the enemy team. Points are awarded by killing both AI-controlled opponents (Grunts and Spectres) and pilots, where killing the latter rewards more points for the team. The first team to get 300 Attrition points wins the match. Like other gametypes, the match ends with an epilogue, limiting every player to one life where the winning team is tasked with eliminating any enemies retreating to a dropship.

Attrition Point ValuesEdit

Grunts - 1 point
Spectres - 1 point
Pilots - 4 points
Titans - 5 points
Pilot and a Titan - 9 points


  • 300 points in Attrition translates to 75 pilot kills, not including grunts. This might or might not be a reference to a normal Call of Duty Team Deathmatch being first to 75, seeing as how Respawn, one of the developers of Titanfall, is made of members of ex-Infinity Ward employees.

Videos Edit

Titanfall - Attrition Guide How to get over 100 points (Tips and tricks)04:42

Titanfall - Attrition Guide How to get over 100 points (Tips and tricks)


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