Mode Attrition

Attrition is a game mode that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. It serves as a team deathmatch-style gametype, with the goal being to obtain more kills than the enemy team. Points are awarded by killing both AI-controlled opponents (Grunts and Spectres, Stalkers and Reapers appear later in Titanfall 2) and pilots, where killing the latter rewards more points for the team. The first team to get 300 Attrition points (650 in Titanfall 2) wins the match. Like other gametypes, the match ends with an epilogue, limiting every player to one life where the winning team is tasked with eliminating any enemies retreating to a dropship.

Attrition Point ValuesEdit

  • Grunts - 1 point
  • Spectres/Stalkers - 1 point
  • Reapers - 3 points
  • Pilots - 5 points
  • Titans - 5 points (10 points Titanfall 2)
  • Pilot and a Titan - 10 points (15 points Titanfall 2)

Variants Edit

Tactikill Attrition Edit

Tactikill Attrition is a variant of Attrition with a unique twist; upon killing an enemy Pilot, the player will have their tactical abilities restored.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Tricks and Treats, Titanfall 2's version of Attrition had a time limit of ten minutes and a score limit of 500 points. This was changed in the aforementioned update to make games last longer.

Videos Edit

Titanfall - Attrition Guide How to get over 100 points (Tips and tricks)04:42

Titanfall - Attrition Guide How to get over 100 points (Tips and tricks)


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