In the Titanfall 2 mission Effect and Cause, Jack Cooper can find several Audio Logs left by ARES Division scientists (including General Marder)., left shortly before - and after - the test-firing of the Fold Weapon.

Transcripts of these audio logs can be found below. They are organised by character, not order of appearance.

General Marder's Audio Logs Edit

Audio logs left behind by General Marder.

Log 1 Edit

This audio log can be found in the lecture hall where Marder was making his speech to several ARES scientists.

"…But lest we lose sight of the bigger picture, remember those losses are ultimately replaceable by the inexorable march of human reproduction. By decisively neutralising the Militia forces, we will safeguard the future of the human race, extending its reach and power towards a prosperous and bright future."
This log is the end of Marder's speech (Log 3). Interrupting Marder while in the past will change this log, so that the last sentence will end with "Yes, pilot, can I help you?"

Log 2 Edit

This audio log describes Marder's involvement in human experimentation, on the colonists captured after the IMC's raid on Colony G21.

"Marder’s Log 21-B, human specimen 3.4. The experiments on the IMS Odyssey’s colonists are underway. Soon we will discover the long-lasting effects the Ark has on organic matter and brain function."

Log 3 Edit

This is the infamous "Marder's Speech". This log can be found on the platform where the player can watch the hologram of Major Anderson get killed in the past timeline, and on a laptop in the hologram room just after in the present timeline.

"I would like to spend some time today to talk about the value of human life. There is no valuable to human life.  Now that I have your attention: To be more precise, human life, to a certain limit, is expendable.We are self-perpetuating yet self-destructive, adaptable yet flawed and always, always resource-intensive. We are endless consumers of resources, but most relevant to our research here is one undeniable fact; that human life is abundant. Overpopulation of any colonised world is a given. Through the lens of cold objectively, it is irresponsible to say that individuals on all such worlds are actually indispensible. Millions of humans die across the colonised worlds every day, by any number of causes. Human life is expendable.
Now our problem is twofold – on one hand, we are faced with a hostile Frontier populace opposed to our commercial pursuits for the greater good. And on the other hand, there is a never-ending cry for natural resources demanded of us demanded by greater populations of the Core Systems. We must have order on the Frontier if we are to achieve true progress but the Militia, in its provincial myopic lack of vision refuses to accept this. Thus we are at war.
Now the bitter truth – reinforcements from the Core Systems will not arrive for several more years. The Militia gains strength day by day, taking back one planet after another. Our choices are limited – drastic action must be taken. Again, I remind you all of one simple truth; that human life is abundant and, as distasteful as it may sound, human life is, in truth, expendable.
And so that brings us to this planet – Typhon, where we have discovered a gift. A machine that will do more than change the tide. Call it fate. Call it evolution. Call it what you will, the truth is we have discovered our resolution, and in it lies a weapon with a powerful ability to fold space and time. We don’t know who built it, but we do know it is quite old. And most importantly, we have learned enough to bring it to life. As we use this Fold Weapon, we will manipulate spacetime, targeting anything we desire, sundering entire planets. Our restoration efforts in the mountains are nearly complete but one task remains: we must complete a small-scale test here first, to tune the power source, or “the Ark” as our colleagues tend to call it. Once we have accomplished this, we will transfer the power source, the Ark, to the full-scale site and destroy one populated Militia planet and then another until they capitulate. We will open an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, sending through thousands of concentrated gravitational waves, this will rip apart and sunder every molecule, every atom and every living thing we target, resulting in total loss of life.
But lest we lose sight of the bigger picture, remember those losses are ultimately replaceable by the inexorable march of human reproduction. By decisively neutralising the Militia forces, we will safeguard the future of the human race, extending its reach and power towards a prosperous and bright future."

Jefferson Boyle's Audio Logs Edit

These audio logs are those left by Doctor Jefferson Boyle, after the detonation.

Log 1 Edit

"Dr. Jefferson Boyle, log one. Looks like they went forward with the Ark test despite my warnings to postpone, but what Marder wants - Marder gets. I don’t know how I survived but I did, for now. Tried all the exits but I’m trapped – damn place is locked down good. All I have is hope, that’s what I get for picking a lab underground… but what can I say? I like archaeology."

Log 2 Edit

"Dr. Jefferson Boyle, log two. I found myself a standard IMC survival kit, which provides me with a few flavourless rations to keep me alive for a few days. I’m hoping that’s all I need, otherwise I’m gonna have to get creative. I hate getting creative."

Log 3 Edit

"Dr. Jefferson Boyle - Log three. I had to get creative. Failed experiments on Typhon’s indigenous wildlife are unfortunately next other words, I cooked a prowler. It tasted like chicken if chicken was a weird dinosaurlike creature injected with IMC meds and steroids. On a lighter note, I think I found a way to upload these logs to what's left of the IMC network here. Maybe someone's's to Hope."

Log 4 Edit

"Dr. Jefferson Boyle - Log four. All right, my logs are on the network but unfortunately, I am out of Prowler so I'm pretty disappointed. I’ve moved on to the vines and plants growing throughout this facility. It’s raining non-stop so I have water, at least I think it’s water. Yeah, it's water. It's definitely water....I think. Um, I gotta go run some tests..."

Log 5 Edit

"Dr. Jefferson Boyle - Log five. Okay, good news, tests came back is water. Bad news... Literally everything else. Nothing's good. I think it's time I get out of this place. I've managed to breach a hole in the wall, it leads up to the main campus. I'm about 100 meters underground. I have no idea how long it'll take me to get to the top because I'm horrible at math, but I am an archaeologist; I've done some climbing before."

Other Scientist Audio Logs Edit

Misc. Logs left by other ARES Scientists

Log 1 Edit

This audio log is left by an unnamed scientist.

"The trial run of the Ark will continue as planned, but you have to get security to evacuate all Tier-1 personnel. General Marder and his key team members are transferring to remote observation."

Log 2 Edit

"Dr. Alexander Darren, log 14.6. The intruder has some kind of advanced tech and is slaughtering our response teams. Tyler in wildlife research said two teams were taken out by the elevator banks in a matter of seconds, by one guy."

Log 3 Edit

"This is Dr. Colby Marvin. I don't know how to explain it, but a Vanguard-Class Titan just appeared out of nowhere. The test is still underway. It will be completed."

Log 4 Edit

"Dr. Altamirano, log 7.6. General Marder is gone. He’s making us stay to complete the test. I don’t trust this thing, the Ark is unstable."

Log 5 Edit

"Dr. Tyler Parsons Log 3.2. I found an IMC security guard in the targetting room. His body was... I don't know how to explain it. It was warped. Backwards. Taking him to Human research."

Log 6 Edit

"Dr. Ehrenberg, log 11.4. Further research still leaves question about the Fold Weapon and its intended purpose. I don’t think we’re using it right and that may cause a problem. Marder thinks it’s worth it. Well I’m going on record - this is a bad idea."

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