BT (Bravo-Tango)-7274 is a veteran Vanguard-class Titan piloted by Captain Lastimosa up until the events of Titanfall 2, when Lastimosa was Killed in Action (KIA) by Apex Predator Kuben Blisk. He was then linked to Frontier Militia rifleman Jack Cooper. The two form a bond and work together against overwhelming odds to uphold a mission they were never meant to carry out.


He has three protocols in the authorization of being linked with Cooper: the first protocol is to link to the Pilot, the second is to uphold the mission, and the third is to protect the Pilot.

BT is outfitted with two optics units (both capable of independent tracking) as well as two gimbal-mounted missile launchers known in-game as 'acolyte pods' that are capable of self-reloading as well as carrying weapons on the Titan's back. BT's main optic unit is also capable of displaying holographic imagery.

After his original chassis was destroyed by Blisk and Slone, his data core was recovered by Cooper and installed in a new chassis - FS-1041 - sent by Sarah Briggs.

BT-7274's QuotesEdit

  • "Correct. My original Pilot was K.I.A. I am now linked to rifleman Jack Cooper."
  • "Yes. We had no other options."
  • "Protocol one: link to Pilot. Protocol two: uphold the mission. Protocol three: protect the Pilot."
  • "Trust me."
  • "I will not lose another Pilot!"
  • "I detect sarcasm."
  • "It is good to see you too, Pilot."
  • "Conclusion, I am fifty percent in love."


  • BT has a Wasp and tally marks representing enemy titan kills on his cockpit hatch, whether this is a decoration or call sign of his former squad is unknown.
    • The wasp logo is only present in pre-release screenshots and as the default Nose Art of the Monarch chassis - in the final game BT's chassis is decorated with a triangular SRS logo featuring a Prowler. The Wasp and tally pattern also appears on MacFarlane's BT model.
  • For an A.I, BT seems to have some remorse for the death of Captain Tai Lastimosa. When asked about their service by Cooper, BT remarks that Lastimosa "was an excellent Pilot, and a good friend". BT even goes as far as to say "I will not lose another Pilot!".
  • BT seems to have a dark sense of humor, as shown by some sarcastic remarks or jokes on the dead.
  • BT seems to excel at CQC as he often encounters enemies in hand-to-hand combat, rips off Vipers hatch with one hand, and throws/catches Cooper multiple times.
  • BT was with CPT Lastimosa for 973 days (almost 3 years).
  • BT's main optic unit on the front of his chassis contains what's called a SERE kit, containing a Smart Pistol and extra Data Knife - SERE is a military acronym for a real-life program designed to train military and defense personnel to Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape possible capture.
  • While in BT's cockpit, he is right-handed. However, when the player exits BT, he is left-handed.
  • During the mission Effect and Cause, after you grab Anderson's helmet, BT states he has transferred some of his A.I functions to Jack Cooper's helmet. This has led some to believe BT may still be technically alive.
    • In the post-credits cutscene, Cooper's helmet will transmit binary code, which can be decrypted to read the phrase "Jack?". This supports the theory of BT's survival in the form of Cooper's helmet.
  • In Titanfall 1, a grunt comments on losing his job to a Spectre. Another retorts that by that logic, one day sentient Titans would "stomp all over grunts like [us]". BT is perhaps the fruition of that comment. The same grunt also mentions "Spectre Pilots" in his retort, which appear in Titanfall 2 as well in the form of Simulacrums.


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