Operation Broadsword, 9th Militia Fleet

DESTINATION: Planet Typhon MISSION: Infantry support for classified SRS operation

IMC Occupied Frontier Space
— Mission Briefing
"BT-7274" is the second mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. The Frontier Militia arrives on the planet Typhon to investigate IMC facilities, but their forces are routed and scattered across the planet by orbital cannons upon arrival and massed infantry forces on the ground led by the Apex Predators. The next morning, Rifleman Jack Cooper slowly becomes Pilot Jack Cooper as he explores the crashsite of the MCS James MacAllan and establishes a link with the Vanguard Titan BT-7274 before evading IMC capture.


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Cooper's LogbookEdit

I always wanted to be a Pilot, but not like this.

Captain Lastimosa is KIA.

The James MacAllan has been shot down. What's left of the 9th Fleet is scattered in lifeboats crash landing all over Typhon. Maybe some of the capital ships escaped - I have no way of knowing for sure.

This is enemy occupied territory, and the IMC will be looking for all of us.
— Cooper's Logbook


TF2 Invasion

Grunts and Spectres battle around the crash site of the MacAllan.

After an emergency evacuation from the MCS James MacAllan, Jack Cooper is thrust into a fight to secure a landing zone and regroup with his unit. He wakes up inside a Mk. VIII Medical Lifeboat, before proceeding to storm the beachhead alongside his fellow Militia Riflemen, fighting a large contingent of BRD-01 Spectres. Before long, the squad enters a clearing, where they are ambushed by an IMC Tone Titan. Before Cooper's death, however, the Titan is destroyed by BT-7274 and Tai Lastimosa. Lastimosa then exits the Vanguard Titan, pulling the injured rifleman into cover and injecting him with a sedative. As he does this, BT comes under attack by several members of the Apex Predators mercenary outfit. As the Titan fends off the attack by Blisk's Legion Titan, Ash uses her Ronin to forcibly remove two of BT's Batteries, leaving him unable to fight.

2. BT-7274 - 2

The MacAllan's final resting place.

As Jack drifts in and out of consciousness, he sees Richter scavenging his dead comrades, removing their ears as war trophies before being berated by Blisk, who announces that the Ark will be ready to move in 18 hours. Jack then blacks out.

Jack wakes up several hours later, the night now having turned into mid-morning. He is woken by a Prowler attempting to pull him from his cover, though it is soon distracted by another Prowler, before both are shot by BT's XO16A2 Chaingun. Cooper finds the badly wounded Captain Tai Lastimosa who authorizes Cooper to link to his Titan - BT-7274, telling Jack to take his Jump Kit and equipment before he dies. Cooper then buries Lastimosa, before equipping his helmet and armour. After a brief calibration period, Cooper is ready to begin piloting BT - though there is one problem; two of the Titan's batteries have been removed, requiring Cooper to seek two out of the wreckage of his ship.

As Cooper traverses the jungle of Typhon, he will be able to listen to the conversations of several IMC Grunts, discussing the situation, alongside audio broadcasts by General Marder - who offers Militia POWs the chance to surrender and be taken to Angel City Penitentiary, the alternative being shot on sight.

Once Cooper finds the batteries and installs them into BT-7274, he must then battle a small platoon of Spectres, and defeat the Titan Brute before escaping the crash site.


  • Escape the crash site.
  • Assist Captain Lastimosa.
  • Acquire a charged Titan battery.
  • Return to Captain Lastimosa's Titan with the battery.
  • Acquire an additional Titan battery for BT.
  • Return to BT with the battery.
  • Secure the area around BT.
  • Install the battery.
  • Embark BT-7274.
  • Rendezvous with Major Anderson.


Pilot Edit

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Pilot HelmetsEdit

There are two collectible Pilot Helmets that can be found on this level.


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