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Backwater is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall, available only in the third downloadable content, IMC Rising.

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High in the mountains, ex-IMC pilot Barker and his fellow colonists have made a comfortable living by producing moonshine in this hidden bootlegging colony. This operation was attacked by the IMC after the Battle of Demeter, in an effort to crack down on IMC defectors. Signs on the map for Barker's Brewing Co. can be seen.

Trivia Edit

  • The first initial tease for Backwater was actually well before the launch of Titanfall. A piece of concept art (shown below) posted on Respawn's website would be the inspiration for Backwater.[1]

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  1. Behind the Scenes article on Backwater - "The original concept was based around some early concepts for Titanfall that we never completed - the rice paddies. Early Respawn fans may recognize the first concept art we ever released, starring the infamous Nessie (Roger), as inspiration for Backwater."