You can't trust anyone a hundred percent.
— Barker
Robert "Barker" Taube is a resigned IMC officer who served with MacAllan prior to the events of Titanfall, but quit after the mutiny. Rather than join the crew on their new Colony, he fled to Angel City and became an alcoholic.

His skill as a pilot and knowledge of IMC secret programs were valuable to the Militia. After the events of Titanfall, he started a group called the Angel City Elite, or A.C.E.s. He is also responsible for the creation of the group nicknamed Marvin's Finest Hour, due to forgetting to relieve a M.R.V.N of his duty.

Titanfall Edit

Barker is unwillingly extracted from Angel City soon after MacAllan takes command of the Frontier Militia 1st Fleet.

Barker lived in Angel City at the time of the IMC and Militia's skirmish over the IMS Odyssey. On MacAllan's command, Militia forces attempted to access the decommissioned ship's archives. In these archives were schematics of the main IMC refueling depot at Demeter, the destruction of which would prevent IMC reinforcements from the Core Systems from making the long journey to the Frontier. That would give the Militia an advantage in future engagements with the IMC.

Before destroying Demeter, the depot's dedicated reserve fleet reinforcements at IMC Airbase Sierra must be taken out of commission. As a direct assault on the base would be suicidal, the Militia plans to destroy the Repulsor Towers keeping the gargantuan fauna native to the planet at bay. With the Repulsor Towers destroyed the native wildlife would wreak havoc upon the base and keep local IMC forces occupied.

Prior to either of these two events, however, the MIlitia must first learn how the Repulsor Towers work. Barker and MacAllan know of an abandoned IMC black-site on the planet Leviathan, where experiments with prototype towers were conducted. It's at this black-site, code named the Boneyard, that the Militia acquires the necessary data after a vicious battle with the IMC. With this data Bish is able to engineer the Icepick device to destroy IMC Repulsor towers.

Soon after his recruitment he goes back to Angel City to finish his drink(s).

Titanfall 2 Edit

By the time Titanfall 2 takes place, Barker has cleaned up his act... ish, and started a group called the Angel City Elite, a mercenary group of freelance pilots who assist the Militia and try to solve the Frontier's mysteries. He believes at least some of the answers may be found in the Remnant Fleet.


During the events of the campaign, Barker appears in the mission "The Ark", using a dropship to catch Pilot Cooper when Viper throws him into a free-fall. He later returns in the mission "The Fold Weapon" to fly through the debris caused by the Ark's explosion and save Cooper's life a second time, safely returning him and Sarah Briggs to orbit before the explosion of the Ark destroyed Typhon.

Trivia Edit

  • Barker's face appears on the Most Wanted List Burn Card. This burn card depicts the same WANTED posters found throughout Angel City.
  • Barker is also credited on the Amped EVA-8 burn card, having left his shotgun behind at the bar in Angel City.
  • IMC's reward for his head is 50,000 credits, the same as Sarah.
  • It is rumoured that Barker was indeed married.
  • He has scars on his left knee and chest (likely battle scars from when he was an IMC pilot).
  • He has relatives: Bobby Taube and Parker Taube and also a friend named Bt. Furry.
  • According to IMC his crimes against them is "Attacks on IMC facilities resulting in death".
  • Barker is a heavy drinker. He is drunk prior to the attack on the Sentinel (you can hear his slurred speech over a ship's 1MC [only in earlier versions of the campaign, between missions - before later game updates] and during his extraction from Angel City.
  • The DLC map Backwater features a hidden bootlegger colony where Barker made moonshine.

Gallery Edit

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