Kit titan punch
Your Titan's melee attack power is significantly increased, inflicting greater damage than normal, and knocking enemies back further.
— In-game description.

Big Punch is a Tier 2 Titan Kit that appears in Titanfall. It increases the damage and knock-back of your Titan's melee, but also creates a delay after attack, reducing attack speed as a result.

  • Increases the Stryder's melee damage from 1000 to 1800 (80% increase), and knock-back from 850 to 1062.5 (25% increase).
  • Increases the Atlas's melee damage from 1125 to 2000 (78% increase), and knock-back from 510 to 637.5 (25% increase).
  • Increases the Ogre's melee damage from 1875 to 2300 (23% increase), and knock-back from 510 to 637.5 (25% increase).


  • Since the Stryder has the strongest melee knock-back of the three Titans, the Big Punch will increase it's melee ability even more.
    • This combined with the Stryder's speed and agility can allow for a "boxer" build on your Titan that specializes with close quarters combat where the player can dash in, deal some damage with a few punches, and then dash to safety. Turbo Engine and the Dash Core can also aid this strategy. Since the Big Punch kit now noticeably decreases titan's melee attack speed by creating a delay between attacks, this strategy might not be very effective now, though the damage bonus and knock-back effect is still very usefull for creating some space between you and your enemy while dealing pretty good damage.
  • Delay between attacks caused by this kit makes melee attacks less usefull against infantry since it takes too much time to recover after every hit. It'll be a lot more faster to deal with infantry by either reloading your gun (if it was out of ammo, which is mosly the reason to attack infantry in melee) and shooting them down or just crush them by walking.
  • Using this kit is also greatly useful to Ogre Chassis'. An unshielded titan will lose 1 1/2 bar of health and a shielded titan will have their shields completely wiped out or have their shields removed to 1 bar. This allows the Ogre to go head on in a 2 V 1 titan battle as this will increase the damnage you deal and your chance of survival. 

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