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Welcome to the Black Market, Pilot. We've got The Frontier's best selection of goods both legal and... questionable. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.
— In-game description

The Black Market is the in-game store in Titanfall, allowing players to purchase a variety of items using the Credits they've earned in-game, including new Titan Insignias and Burn Card Packs. Credits cannot be purchased with real-world money; they must be earned in-game. Credits can be earned in a match by finishing matches, winning matches, completing Daily Challenges, and by getting your first victory for a day. Credits can also be earned outside of a match by "selling" your Burn Cards.

The Black Market becomes available after reaching level 11, where it will then be permanently unlocked like Burn Cards. While you are level 50, XP earned in a match will be converted into Credits. This allows Generation 10 Pilots who are unable to earn burn cards at a decent rate because they have no challenges to complete, have a good way to earn more Burn Cards. Players start out with 5000 credits.

In Titanfall 2, the Black Market does not return as its own screen. However, it is the avenue through which weapons, Camo, Boosts and Titans are bought. Some Callsign Banners can also be bought on the Black Market.

Lore Edit

In the Titanfall universe, the Black Market is the underground network on The Frontier that allows for illegal purchase of many restricted goods, such as Weapons, Titans, and Pilot training equipment. This is how pirates, mercenaries and most importantly; the Frontier Militia are able to requisition many pieces of equipment usually reserved for IMC Armed Services.

Notably, after the Battle of Typhon, the schematics for the Monarch-Class Titan were leaked onto the Black Market, resulting in the new Titan's availability to non-IMC personnel.


A Player may purchase various items through the Black Market, including new Titan Insignias and Burn Card Packs.

Burn Card PacksEdit

Note that you do not have the same chance of getting Rare or Titan Burn Cards as you have of getting Common Burn Cards.

Image Pack Description Could Contain Cost
TF Standard CardPack
Standard Pack Contains 6 Random Burn Cards Any Common Burn Card, Rare Burn Card, or Titan Burn Card 5000
TF Tactical Cardpack
Tactical Ability Pack Contains 6 Random Pilot and Titan Tactical Ability Burn Cards Amped Particle Wall, Amped Electric Smoke, Amped Vortex Shield, Adrenaline Transfusion, Active Camo, Aural Implant, Echo Vision, Smuggled Stimulant, Ghost Squad, (Possibly Packet Sniffer)10000
TF Ordnance Cardpack
Ordnance Pack Contains 6 Random Amped Pilot and Titan Ordnance Burn Cards. Surplus Satchels, Personal Alarm System, Shock Rocks, Bottomless Frags, Amped Rocket Salvo, Amped Slaved Warheads, Amped Cluster Missile, Amped Missile System10000
TF Weapon Cardpack
Weapons Pack Contains 6 Random Amped Pilot Weapon Burn Cards. Amped Smart Pistol, Amped LMG, Amped G2A4, Amped Mag Launcher, Amped Archer, Amped Wingman, Amped Sidewinder, Amped R-97, Amped R-101C, Amped RE-45, Amped Hemlok, Amped Charge Rifle, Amped C.A.R., Amped DMR, Amped Kraber, Amped 40mm, Amped Railgun, Amped XO-16, Amped Arc Cannon, Amped Triple Threat10000
TF TimeBoost Cardpack
Time Boost Pack Contains 6 Random XP and Time Reduction Modifying Burn Cards. Fast Learner, Outsource, Titan Salvage, Thin the Ranks, Urban Renewal, (Possibly Possibly Decisive Action and Pull Rank)10000
TF Intel Cardpack
Intel Pack Contains 6 Random Enemy Detecting Burn Cards Packet Sniffer, Spider Sense, Map Hack, Satellite Uplink, (Possibly Echo Vision and Aural Implants)10000
TF Titan Cardpack
Titan Pack Contains 3 Random Titan Burn Cards Amped Particle Wall, Amped Electric Smoke, Amped Vortex Shield, Amped Rocket Salvo, Amped Slaved Warheads, Amped Cluster Missile, Amped Missile System, Amped 40mm, Amped Railgun, Amped XO-16, Amped Arc Cannon, Amped Triple Threat, Turbo Engine, (Possibly Reserve Ogre, Spare Stryder, and Atlas Refurb) 20000
TF Premium Cardpack
Premium Pack Gives 4 Random Rare Burn Cards Reserve Ogre, Spare Stryder, Atlas Refurb, Spectre Camo, Map Hack, Echo Vision, Adrenaline Transfusion, Ghost Squad, Amped 40mm, Amped Railgun, Amped XO-16, Amped Arc Cannon, Amped Triple Threat 50000

Titan Insignia Edit

Titan Insignias only need to be purchased once, then they'll be kept forever. Each Insignia costs 25000 Credits.

Daily Deals Edit

Daily Deals are simply a selection of randomised Burn Cards, that can be directly bought for a handful of credits each. Notably, this is the only way a player can acquire the Roll the Dice Burn Card.

Titan OS Voices Edit

Pilots can also purchase several Titan OS voice packs from the Black Market. This includes Hannah, Elizabeth, Isabel, Audrey, Sofia, Ryoko, Natalia, SID and Vanessa. Titan OS packs can be bought for 20,000 credits apiece.

Forged Certifications Edit

For 100,000 credits, Pilots can purchase a Forged Certification, allowing them to bypass any challenge, at the expense of not earning the relevant Experience Points, Credits and Burn Cards. Using this on a Regeneration challenge will also forfeit the Too Legit to Quit achievement. A Forged Certification costs 100,000 credits.


Credits can be earned in multiple ways.


You can earn Credits at the end of a Match with a specific outcome.

Name Action Reward
Match Completion Complete a match, winning or losing. 500
Match Victory Win a match. You still get the "Match Completion" bonus. 250
First Victory of the Day Get your first victory for a day. 1000

Completing Daily Challenges Edit

Completing Daily Challenges will reward you credits at the end of the match. The amount earned it shown on the Credits Earned tab of the Last Game Summary beside "Dailies". The amount of credits rewarded by completing a Daily Challenge can be found in the Dailies section of the Challenges menu.

Selling Burn CardEdit

Burn Cards are no longer discarded, but are instead "sold". Discarding Burn Cards now rewards you with Credits depending on the Burn Card. In the Burn Card Menu, viewing a card will show its Credit Value in the top right of your screen below the Credit Counter. All Common Burn Cards are worth 100 Credits; All Rare Burn Cards are worth 400 Credits.

Earning XPEdit

Once you are level 50 experience earned won't count towards leveling anymore, so it will be converted to Credits at the end of a match. You get 10% of your earned Experience Points as Credits, rounded down; it will be counted as "MISC" in the Credits Earned tab of the Last Game Summary.