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You kill me, you're better. I kill you, I'm better.
— Kuben Blisk

Kuben Blisk is a South African mercenary who served in the IMC's mercenary forces as a commander until forming the Apex Predators, an outfit of freelance Pilots. He serves as a supporting character for the IMC in Titanfall and the secondary antagonist in Titanfall 2.


Working on the Frontier, providing Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services, his first contract concluded with his outfit making enough money to retire to a tropical paradise. But after considering the excellent pay, and more importantly the opportunity to lay waste to everything in sight with state-of-the-art hardware, Blisk decided that the IMC's offer of renewal was just too good to pass up.

Blisk is a mercenary, paid to get the job done and he will see it through. He believes in commitment and loyalty, however that extends only to the final day of his contract. Blisk has a "mission comes first" mentality, in that he will do whatever it takes to see the assigned objective through to completion. This includes: the destruction of surrounding area and the killing of civilians. Blisk also has a preference for killing, shown by massacring civilians, shooting down transport ships, and his remarks about causing painful deaths to any enemies he personally encounters. Blisk reserves a special hatred for the Militia, referring to them as "filthy terrorists" on multiple occasions.



Blisk in Titanfall

At the time of the Frontier Militia's attack on an abandoned colony turned fuel depot during The Refueling Raid, Sergeant Blisk was in charge of mission progress, and coordination of ground forces for the IMC soldiers on the ground. During the course of the attack, Blisk ordered IMC pilots to capture the Hardpoints that would bring the defense turrets online. They were successful in damaging the Militia's flagship, the Redeye, however the insurgents gained the fuel they needed. A signal from a nearby colony not on any official records caused the IMC and Militia forces to investigate. Upon discovering the presence of civilians, Blisk ordered the new IMC Spectre drones to sack the colony, approving of their ability to kill. Blisk is further delighted by the Militia's intervention to rescue the civilians, ordering the IMC forces to attack the Militia combatants and more Spectres to be deployed as a true test of their abilities. During the combat at The Colony, the IMC forces discover that the founder of the settlement was James MacAllan, former executive officer of the IMS Odyssey under the command of Marcus Graves, the ship having disappeared fifteen years before due to a reported mutiny by MacAllan. The Militia asked MacAllan to lead them, which he agreed to as long as they helped evacuate the colony's inhabitants. IMC forces failed to stop the Militia from evacuating the colonists, and were deployed to the wreckage of The Odyssey itself to stop MacAllan from retrieving information from the relic. They were unable to do so, but Vice Admiral Graves discovered MacAllan's plan to rescue Robert "Barker" Taube from Angel City. Blisk deployed soldiers, and Search Drones at the docks during Get Barker to find Barker, however MacAllan snuck Barker out of the city through the sewer, thus leaving Blisk's forces with another unsuccessful operation. During the battle at Angel City, Blisk requested reinforcements which Vice Admiral Graves relayed and the IMS Sentinel was brought in, only to be damaged by Militia Hornet fighters. Forced to return the ship to dry dock at Outpost 207 for repairs, the Militia launched their Assault on the Sentinel by taking over the station's defense cannons and using them to eliminate the IMC vessel. Blisk dispatched forces to prevent the Militia from doing this, however they were, once again, unsuccessful.

The second step in MacAllan's plan was to gain information about the repulser towers protecting the Airbases in the Demeter system, which were established to protect the IMC refueling facility on Demeter itself. To retrieve this information, the Militia headed to Base Golden at the Boneyard on Leviathan to study the abandoned base there, especially the inactive repulser tower. Blisk ordered his soldiers to stop the Militia from gaining access to the tower and to scuttle the base in Here Be Dragons. The IMC gained a measure of victory in the destruction of the facility, however they did not stop the Militia from gaining the information on the weaknesses of the towers. This allowed them to create a solution to take down the towers protecting the airbases and allow the wildlife to decimate the facilities. Blisk ordered his ground forces to wipe out the Militia attacking Airbase Sierra to prevent them from getting to The Three Towers, however they met with failure when the Militia used IMC fighters to destroy the central spire.

The final step in MacAllan's plan was to launch an assault on Demeter directly to overload the central reactor and destroy the facility. Blisk deployed personally with several pilots by Drop Pod onto the surface at The Battle of Demeter with orders to stop MacAllan from detonating the reactor, thus delegating his responsibilities of coordinating the ground forces to Spyglass. Blisk corners MacAllan in the reactor, firing on the Militia man before being ordered by Graves to engage in hand to hand combat only out of fear of damaging the reactor, to which Blisk replies "With pleasure, sir" and draws his knife. Shortly thereafter, Blisk informed Graves that MacAllan had barricaded himself in the reactor, followed by Graves ordering Blisk to return to the fleet. The IMC forces fail once again, and Graves orders evacuation ships to retrieve the ground forces, the orders being cancelled by Spyglass who then forced all IMC craft to jump to a minimum safe distance, to Graves' horror. MacAllan's final request of Graves to lead the Militia in his stead failed to impress Blisk.

Three months after the actions on Demeter, Blisk had been promoted to Commander and Spyglass has become Vice Admiral in charge of IMC forces in the Frontier. Blisk is revealed to be disgusted that Graves deserted the IMC before the conflict at the Hammond Robotics Spectre production facility during the events of Made Men. During the battle, Graves tried to reason with Blisk, saying that his forces are machines without a conscience who are loyal only to their operator, and that together they could win. Blisk rejected Graves' offer, claiming that he had a job to do and would see it through, and claimed that Graves had no place to speak about loyalty due to his defection. Graves desperately reminded Blisk that against machines and mercenaries such as himself, the Militia would come out victorious, Blisk responded that he would willingly fight Graves without being paid, before terminating the connection.

On field deployments, Blisk relied on a Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun and his knife as weaponry. In addition, Blisk had a ship of unknown classification hidden on Demeter for his retreat to the fleet. Blisk's character is based off Rhodesian mercenary Michael Rousseau, who popularized the shooting technique known as the Mozambique drill.

Titanfall 2Edit

At the time of Titanfall 2, Blisk has left the IMC's employ and has become the Leader of the Apex Predators, an mercenary outfit composed of elite pilots who fights for the highest bidder and will do whatever's necessary to earn their paycheck. In the multiplayer, Blisk can be seen aboard the Apex Predators' dropship before the round starts. He will act as the multiplayer announcer if the player sides with the Apex Predators.

Blisk returns in the game's campaign as a secondary antagonist, having been contracted by the IMC to protect the Ark, the power source for a super weapon developed by the IMC known as the Fold Weapon. He is first seen in the campaign shortly after Captain Lastimosa saves Cooper from incoming Titans. Piloting a Legion class Titan, Blisk and his mercenaries quickly eliminate Lastimosa and BT before leaving the area. As Cooper progresses, Blisk is heard over the radio ordering his mercenaries to kill Cooper and capture BT.

Cooper eventually meets Blisk face to face after being captured by IMC forces led by Blisk and Slone. Knowing that the damaged BT is carrying the Ark in its cockpit, Blisk orders Cooper to open the Titan. Upon refusing, Blisk then threatens BT to open his cockpit or he will shoot Cooper in the head. BT ultimately complies, but unsuccessfully tries to kill Blisk in the process. After escaping with Slone with the Ark, Blisk is again encountered at the Fold Weapon's control room, ordering Slone to kill Cooper and keep the salvage.

After the Fold Weapon is destroyed, Blisk congratulates Cooper for his victory and tells him that since the weapon is no longer operational, they are technically no longer enemies since it wasn't in his contract. He then leaves Cooper a card with an Apex Predator logo painted on, saying that Cooper earned it, and offering him a place in his unit in case Cooper decides to fight for himself rather than the Militia. Before leaving, Marder orders Blisk to kill Cooper, Blisk refuses, stating that it wasn't in their contract and that he has other people with money to see.

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Yeah, that's the problem with teams... if you don't win together, you die together."
  • "Time to see who's right, and who's dead."
  • "You kill me, you're better. I kill you, I'm better." 

Trivia Edit

  • Blisk's name sounds somewhat like the Afrikaans word 'Bliksem' - which can mean a variety of words such as "strike," "hit," "punch," or "bastard."

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