Blood and Rust is the third mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. Newly linked with the Vanguard Titan BT-7274, Jack Cooper begins the journey across Typhon to locate Major Anderson. Their first stop takes the duo through a water reclamation facility, joining the scattered Militia forces there in battle against local IMC forces and their commanding officer - the deranged Apex Predator Kane.


Frontier MilitiaEdit


Cooper's LogbookEdit

This Titan, BT-7274, says I'm his acting pilot. Whether I'm ready or not, I have to make this work...or I'm dead

My only chance of survival is to uphold Lastimosa's original mission. That means rendezvousing with his commanding officer, Major Anderson of the Militia's Special Recon Squadron (SRS)

Another 60 klicks to go.


"Sir, there's a Vanguard-Class Titan in the facility...I-I think it's SRS!

You THINK? You idiot, ALL Vanguard Titans are SRS..."
— IMC Grunt and Kane are aware of Cooper and BT's presence.

After defeating Brute, Rifleman Jack Cooper inside BT-7274 decides to continue with Captain Tai Lastimosa's mission and rendezvous with Major Anderson. Along the way, Cooper encounters IMC Titans engaged in battle with Militia pilots. Cooper assists the other pilots and then makes his way through through the sewers and to a large room with an acidic fluid pooled in the bottom of it.

Cooper exits BT-7274 and makes his way to the sewer control room to open the Flow Regulation Gate in order to empty out the acidic fluid. Opening this however causes toxic fumes to disperse into the main room, sealing the airlocks. Now Cooper must find his way back to BT-7274.

While traveling through the tunnels, Cooper battles IMC troops and assists fellow Militia men in a battle with them.

Once reunited with BT, Cooper must fight Kane and his Scorch Titan. After defeating the Apex Predator, he recovers the communications unit from Kane's helmet, allowing him to eavesdrop on IMC transmissions. Cooper and BT promptly exfiltrate the water reclamation facility, whereupon BT identifies a shortcut they can take to reach Major Anderson more quickly, and the two set off.


  • Open the flow regulation gate
  • Assist militia fighting IMC troops
  • Reunite with BT-7274
  • Fight Kane


Pilot HelmetsEdit

There are 6 Pilot Helmets to collect in this mission.

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