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Boomtown map

Boomtown is a map in Titanfall 2.[1]

Lore Edit

Boomtown is a part of a testing facility once used by Ash that now lays dormant. For some reason, it is a point of contention, perhaps due to the data Ash gathered here but left behind when she scuttled the facility.

Gameplay Edit

In this facility, Pilots will have peaked roofs to use as cover against combatants down below, multiple interiors to maneuver into different firing positions without being spotted by the enemy, and large, flat walls in close proximity to allow them to wall run quickly from one group of buildings to the next. With tight lanes through the middle, Titans can be ambushed easily unless they head off of the main pathways and into the surrounding fields to pick off enemy Pilots.

Boomtown is a sniper's paradise. There's a ton of spots, especially the bombed out tower on the edge of the map, that lends itself to effective sniper nesting. Most of the buildings and passageways lining the main street have windows. Post up in buildings and fire on Titans from effective cover for massive chokepoint control. Titans are very difficult to use in Boomtown, because the map has some serious chokepoints. If you start to take a ton of damage, retreat to some of the empty spaces to the far corners of the map. This will give you a good vantage point from which to spot threats.

Map overview Edit

01 - Boomtown


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