Tf2 boosts map hack
Boosts are special one-use abilities appearing in Titanfall 2, and a replacement for the Burn Card system of the first game. They are score-streak rewards, activated at a certain percentage of the Titan Meter (Specific percentage dependant on individual boost). Once activated, they cannot be used again until the player has called in their Titan and got enough points again.

List of Boosts Edit

Image Boost Decription Activation Cost
Ampedweapons boost
Amped Weapons Increase damage for your primary and secondary weapons. 80%
Tick 1
Ticks Spider-like drones actively seek out enemies before self-detonation. Comes with 2 charges. 65%
Pilotsentry boost
Pilot Sentry Anti-personnel automated turret. 1 minute life time. 72%
Maphack boost
Map Hack Reveal enemies to your entire team. 70%
Battery boost
Battery Back-up* Give yourself a free battery. 80%
Radarjammer boost
Radar Jammer Scramble the enemy's RADAR. 40%
Titansentry boost
Titan Sentry* Anti-Titan automated turret. 1 minute life time. 35%
Smartpistol boost
Smart Pistol MK6 Locks onto nearby targets for guaranteed hits. Two 12 round magazines. 60%
Phaserewind boost
Phase Rewind Phase Shift

to a location visited shortly before activation.

Hardcover boost
Hard Cover Reinforced Pilot-sized Particle Shield. 20%
Holonova boost
Holo Pilot Nova Create multiple decoys of yourself 40%
Diceroll boost
Dice Roll A randomly chosen Boost is activated on use. 50%
Note: Boosts marked * are replaced with Amped Weapons in Pilots vs. Pilots and Live Fire