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Bounty Hunt is a team-based game mode in Titanfall 2.[1] It was the game mode featured in the Official Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer.


The goal of the game is to collect bounties and deposit them at banks. Bounties can be collected from AI enemies(soldiers of the Remnant Fleet) that drop in waves. Killing AI enemies and damaging Bounty Titans earns cash for your team, as well as an equal bonus for the player. If a player dies, they lose half their bonus. If a player kills another player, they take that half of their opponent's bonus. After each wave, two banks(which look like the beacons from Amped Hardpoint) open and players can deposit their collected bonus into the banks, adding again to the team's score. The banks close upon a new wave being started.

As with other modes, a color-coded pair of meters displays the total amount of cash both teams have collected. In addition, a secondary yellow portion of the meters displays the amount of un-banked bonus the players of each team collectively carry. Victory is achieved by the first team to collect $5000 in total cash, or whichever team has the greatest amount of cash when time runs out. Players' bonus cash does not count towards this victory until it is deposited.


The first Wave of every Match is a single Minion Drop Zone, usually in the middle of the map, which spawns Grunts and Spectres. Remnant Fleet forces are hostile to both sides, and thus appear Orange on the HUD and Minimap to all players.

The second Wave is a Bounty Titan, also dropping in the middle of the map. Bounty Titans are significantly tougher than even Player-controlled Titans, and can usually take a full Core attack easily. Because of their high life bars, the very act of damaging a Bounty Titan earns cash and bonus(in proportion to damage inflicted), with an additional payout for the player/team who actually scores the kill.

Subsequent waves alternate between two Minion Drop Zones and two Bounty Titan Drops, each in pre-set areas, usually on opposite sides of the Map. As with Attrition, the Drop Zones escalate to include Stalkers and Reapers as well.


Dialogue from many of the faction commanders suggests that the true goal of the Bounty Hunt is to gather information from the Remnant Fleet. General Marder mentions that data taken from Bounty Titans will help drive his research, while the MRVN in command of Marvin's Finest Hour asks the pilots to retrieve their black boxes. Barker also feels that taking down the Remnant Titans will help gain the information he seeks.


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