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The Brute is a type of Titan encountered exclusively in the singleplayer campaign of Titanfall 2.

Overview Edit

Brute Titans are derivatives of the Northstar-pattern, sporting the exact same chassis design and similar abilities between the two. Northstar Titans are themselves based on the Stryder pattern. Though they are encountered frequently throughout the campaign they boast little in the way of armament and armor strength as well as outright skill; due to this they are often seen accompanying other, stronger enemy titans as well as boss characters like Kane or Ash, perhaps to imply that they are the easiest/cheapest to manufacture and field in combat. BT can acquire the Brute's loadout and abilities early on in Mission 4 "The Abyss", which varies slightly from the loadout Brutes themselves employ - they are not seen using Core Abilities, and apparently do not possess lock-on capabilities for their offhand weapons.

Loadout Edit

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