CQB is a defaut Pilot loadout in Titanfall. It is unlocked at level 2. CQB stands for Close-Quarter Battle, and such tactics should be the focus of your gameplay while using this specialized loadout. While the EVA-8 Shotgun is capable of one-shot kills against minions and Pilots alike, it only does so at extremely close range. This puts you at a significant disadvantage when facing off against Pilots equipped with longer-range weapons—the Hammond P2011 sidearm is actually more effective when engaging targets beyond 10 meters. Therefore stick to interiors, alleys, and other cramped spaces where you can make the most of the shotgun’s high-damage output. The Enhanced Parkour Tier 1 Kit gives you the ability to extend wall runs and wall hangs, allowing you to close distance faster, rushing enemy Pilots with the EVA-8. When facing off against enemy Titans, rely on the Cloak ability to remain undetected and then perform a rodeo attack or engage at close range with the Sidewinder. In a pinch, the Sidewinder can also be deployed against Pilots and minions, when your shotgun doesn’t have the requisite range.

Primary Weapon
EVA-8 Shotgun
Iron sights

Iron Sights

Factory Issue
Anti-Titan Weapon
Hammond P2011
Tactical Ability

Resized Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade
Kit parkour

Enhanced Parkour Kit
Kit longer bubble

Dome-Shield Battery

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