This mod stores a greater charge than normal, allowing the weapon to deal increased damage. However, with this mod, the weapon must be fully charged before firing. To unlock, kill 20 Titans with the Arc Cannon.
— In-game text

The Capacitor is a weapon mod for Arc Cannon in Titanfall.

  • It increases it's damage to titans by 11% and it's damage to infantry by 1127%; Doing 2700 damage to infantry and 2000 damage to titans.
  • It won't fire until it reaches full charge, but it reaches full charge 32% faster than an unmodded Arc Cannon, charging in 2.5 seconds instead of 3.7.
  • Its range is increased by 8%, going from 47.62 meters to 51.44 meters.
  • If you charge the Arc Cannon, but release the fire button before the weapon fully charges, the charge level will go down rapidly but will go up again if the button is held again. This allows "feathering" the fire button to keep the charge high for extended periods.

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