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Challenges are a way to showcase an accomplishment or completion of a certain task done by the player that rewards the player with experience points and, occasionally, burn cards. Most challenges have different levels that require more quantities to complete than the previous challenge. See Experience Points for related information.

Daily Challenges Edit

Daily Challenges are a way to earn extra Experience Points and Burn Cards. Players can collect challenges then complete them at any time. Each day there will be 3 other challenges to choose from. However a Player can only have 9 Daily Challenges active at a time.




  • Nomad - Travel a total distance of 25 kilometers - 500xp
  • Running Man - Travel a total distance of 15 kilometers as a Pilot - 500xp
  • Long Haul - Travel a total distance of 8 kilometers in a Titan - 500xp
  • Ninja Warrior - Wallrun .5 kilometers - 500xp
  • Frequent Flyer - Travel a total distance of 8 kilometers in the air - 500xp
  • Commuter Flight
  • Shoulders of Giants - Travel .1 kilometers while hitching a ride on friendly Titans - 500xp
  • Cowboy Up - Travel .25 kilometers on top of enemy Titans - 500xp


Mobility KillsEdit

  • Gooser - Kill a Pilot who is ejecting 5 times - 500xp
  • Death Reincarnate - Get a kill while ejecting 5 times - 500xp
  • Pest Control - Kill 1 Pilot while they are wallrunning - 500xp
  • Flyswatter - Kill 1 Pilot while they are wallhanging - 500xp
  • Drive-by - Get 5 kills while wallrunning - 500xp
  • Wallflower - Get 5 kills while wallhanging - 500xp
  • Roadkill - Run over 25 enemies with your Titan - 500xp
  • What Pilot? - Run over 5 Pilots with your Titan - 500xp
  • Brain Surgeon -Kill 5 Titans by rodeo - 500xp

Melee KillsEdit

  • Head Turner - Execute 5 Pilots as a Pilot - 500xp
  • Jackboot - Get 10 kills using melee kick - 500xp
  • Sweep the Leg - Kill 10 pilots using melee kick - 500xp
  • Mismatch - Kill 5 enemies with melee as a Titan - 500xp
  • Brass Knuckles - Kill 5 Pilots with melee as a Titan - 500xp
  • Fresh Squeezed - Get 1 Execution Kill with the Stryder Titan - 1 xp
  • Executioner - Get 5 execution kills as an Atlas Titan - 500xp
  • Disarmed - Get 1 Execution Kill as an Ogre Titan - 1 xp

Pilot Anti-Personnel WeaponsEdit

Smart Pistol MK5Edit

EVA-8 ShotgunEdit

R-97 Compact SMGEdit

C.A.R. SMGEdit

Spitfire LMGEdit

R-101C CarbineEdit

Hemlok BF-REdit

G2A4 RifleEdit

Longbow-DMR SniperEdit

Kraber-AP SniperEdit

Pilot Anti-Titan WeaponsEdit


Mag LauncherEdit

Archer Heavy RocketEdit

Charge RifleEdit

Pilot SidearmsEdit

RE-45 AutopistolEdit

Hammond P2011Edit

B3 WingmanEdit

Pilot OrdnanceEdit

Frag GrenadeEdit

Arc GrenadeEdit

Arc MineEdit

Satchel ChargeEdit

Titan WeaponsEdit

XO-16 ChaingunEdit

40mm CannonEdit

Quad RocketEdit

Plasma RailgunEdit

Arc CannonEdit

Triple ThreatEdit

Titan OrdnanceEdit

Rocket SalvoEdit

Slaved WarheadsEdit

Cluster MissileEdit

Multi-Target Missile SystemEdit

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