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The subject of this article concerns content that was to appear in a now-cancelled Titanfall product that never made it to full release and is considered by this wiki as Non-Canon. Should the subject of this article be brought back in a future product, this notice should be removed..

 The Charge Cannon is a weapon employed exclusively by the Destroyer Titan in Titanfall Online. It takes the form of a large, shoulder-mounted heavy laser cannon requiring a short charge-up time similar to the Charge Rifle or Plasma Railgun. Despite ostensibly being an Ordnance, the weapon - in gameplay - is a Titan Tactical Ability. This is due to the exclusive status of each Titan in Titanfall Online having its own Tactical Ability - the Destroyer does not have a defensive ability, but instead gets increased offensive power.


  • It is possible that the Charge Cannon is a predecessor to the Laser Shot used by Ion.

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