Chassis Upgrade Scorch

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[Titan]'s health is increased.
— description

Chassis Upgrade is an Aegis Rank upgrade available to all Titans in Titanfall 2, unlocked at Aegis level 5. It upgrades the total health of the Titan in question by an additional 2,500 points.

  • Stryder Titans such as Northstar and Ronin will have their health buffed from 7500 to 10,000 - the same as an Atlas.
  • Atlas Titans such as Ion and Tone, alongside Monarch, will have their health buffed from 10,000 to 12,500 - the same as the Ogre Titans Legion and Scorch.
  • Ogre Titans such as Legion and Scorch will have their health buffed to 15,000 - the same as a Monarch with Superior Chassis.
  • This upgrade can be stacked with Monarch's Tier 3 upgrade Superior Chassis, upgrading her health to a whopping 17,500. The size of the health bar will not be able to be fully displayed on screen, but will make Monarch a force to be reckoned - especially in the higher difficulties of Frontier Defense.

Trivia Edit

  • By upgrading the health pool of a Stryder to 10,000 HP, Stryders in Titanfall 2 now have the same amount of health as an Ogre of the original Titanfall.
  • This upgrade is required in order to play Frontier Defense on Hard Mode.

Gallery Edit

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