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Cheng "BishLorck is a Combat Intelligence Specialist who operates for the Frontier Militia.


Bish is an IMC-trained electrical engineer, born and raised on Earth. After getting screwed over by the IMC on a Frontier job placement that cost him all his savings just to move out there, he ended up in the right place at the right time - the notorious 'Bish bar brawl' - to take the Militia's timely offer of employment. Bish's current roles are to remotely hack into IMC systems during combat on behalf of ground forces, tracking mission progress, and giving tactical guidance to Pilots on the ground.


  • His name is a reference to Titanfall's character technical director, Cheng Lor.
  • The nickname "Bish" is short for Bishamon, the mythological god of warriors within the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune.
  • IMC's reward for his head is 25.000 credits, the lowest known reward with Barker's and Sarah's being 50.000, and MacAllan's being 100.000.
  • Bish's only appearance in Titanfall 2 was an image on a callsign banner.

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