The Core Systems Conflicts were a series of conflicts fought in the Core Systems by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and belligerents unknown. They were fought before and around the time of the colonisation of The Frontier, and could have extended decades after the initial settlement. The causes, objectives and other details of these conflicts are by-and-large, unknown.

The Frontier Edit

The conflicts in the Core Systems have heavily affected the Frontier of today. Many of the initial colonists of The Frontier were veterans of the IMC's military campaigns in the Systems, given land and funding to settle deep space under the IMC Serviceman's Readjustment Act. These colonists would bring with them many vital skills; knowledge of firearms and piloting of Titans, and pass these skills down to their descendants.

Ultimately, the Core Systems Conflicts would later affect the Frontier's history by forcing the IMC to retract the majority of their follow-up support for the initial settlers. These conflicts would distract the IMC for several decades, allowing the Frontier to build up a fledgling civilisation independant of the IMC.

The IMC's return would not be well-recieved by the Frontier's citizens, soon leading to armed conflict, possibly the Titan Wars.

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