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Crash Site is a map in Titanfall 2. It is set in the wreckage of the MCS James MacAllan, and is currently the only regular map in Titanfall 2 to not feature a dropship intro (Not including War Games, which replaces the dropship with a Simulation Pod).

A map of the same name is featured in Titanfall: Assault.

Layout Edit

Crash Site is essentially two circles that intersect on each other. The central lane that goes underneath the main wreckage features side paths that go into a cave system and into the vessel itself. The two furthest sides of the map are the hangar/ command deck of the MacAllan and an IMC encampment investigating the wreck.

As of Monarch's Reign, the map has since been updated by Respawn to address negative player feedback concerning the map; this includes the addition of eight Ziplines, alongside over 100 miscellaneous terrain changes for ease of movement and the addition of new wallrun sites.

Strategies Edit

  • Scorch is an extremely powerful Titan on Crash Site, due to his strong lane control capabilities.
  • At the beginning of many Attrition, Bounty Hunt, and Pilots vs. Pilots matches, players tend to rush down the lane between both teams' spawn points. A Sniper Rifle can be useful in this early part of the match, as can a Grenade Launcher if you spawn in the upper half of the lane.

Gallery Edit

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