The Crow is a vehicle within the Titanfall universe that acts as an aerial transport vehicle dropping off and picking up Pilots and ferrying equipment and munitions from a mothership to a planet's surface. These dropships are able to fly in space and in the atmosphere of other planets, allowing an ease of access throughout the universe. At the beginning of a match, player Pilots jump out of a dropship after being directed by a Marvin. At the end of the match, the dropship plays a vital role in the special mode Epilogue. The losing team has to retreat to a dropship, while the winning team has to prevent them from doing so and destroy the dropship.

The Crow is exclusive to Militia forces, and is aesthetically different from its IMC counterpart, the Goblin Dropship. The Crow possesses the Militia colour scheme of green with orange stripes. It also has a more rounded appearance to the IMC's Goblin, it has a turret (not usable or seen to be used) on the top, and it has a fin between the two tail pylons. 


The Crow, along with the IMC Goblin, is deployed less frequently into conflict than drop-pods but when they do deploy it will unload either 4 Grunts or 4 BRD-01 Spectres

However, this deployment vehicle can be destroyed before it successfully deploys minions.


The Crow is an older generation of dropship based on the battle-forged and proven designs from the Titan Wars. Although it was superseded by the IMC's Goblin several years ago, it is still seen everywhere throughout the Frontier. Many Crow-class dropships still remain in service with the Militia, either salvaged from the battlefield or stolen outright from the IMC.[1]


  • The Crow is loosely based on the Russian Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter[2]
  • The Crow's role has largely been relegated to the campaign in Titanfall 2, with all multiplayer dropships being the Goblin.



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