Daily Challenges are a way to earn extra Experience Points and Burn Cards. Players can collect challenges then complete them at any time. Each day there will be 3 new challenges will be activated. However a Player can only have 9 Daily Challenges active at a time. Once 9 Daily Challenges are active you won't get any new ones until you have less than 9 active. Each day challenges are automatically activated if you have space, if one does not like a challenge they may abandoned the challenge the same way one discards burn Cards through the challenges menu.

Unlike regular Challenges, Daily Challenges don't usually reward Burn Cards, some may reward a single Burn Card. Also unlike regular Challenges, all Daily Challenges reward Credits in addition to XP.

Currently all challenges have a requirement where you have to do something 1, 5, or 10 times. Also all Daily Challenges currently reward 500 Credits and 500 Experience. Some will reward a single Burn Card.

Daily Challenges
Name Requirement
Fired It Up Play # matches
Play To Win Win # matches.
Most Valuable Be the player with the highest score on your team # time(s).
Make It Rain Drop in a Titan # time(s).
Riding Dirty Rodeo an enemy Titan # time(s).
Quick Escape Eject from your Titan # time(s).
More Like a Friend Hack # Spectres.
That Was Easy Kill # Grunts.
Guilt Trip Kill # Marvin(s).
I Kill You, I'm Better Kill # Pilots.
Heavy Metal Kill # Titans.
Pile of Junk Kill # Spectres.
Up Close and Personal Kill # Titan(s) by rodeo.
Burned Kill # enemies while you have a burn card active.
AI executioner Kill # AI.
Takin' You With Me Kill an enemy Titan whilst you're in doomed state # time(s).
Deadly Speed Kill # enemies while in a Stryder Titan.
Metal Storm Kill # enemies while in an Atlas Titan.
Heavy Hitter Kill # enemies while in an Ogre Titan.
Headhunter Get # headshots on Pilots using any combination of bullet weapons.
No Fly Zone Destroy # evac ship(s) during the epilogue.
Duck Hunt Kill # Flyers.
Big Bang Use Nuclear Core to get # kills.
Denied Kill # evacuating Pilots during the epilogue.
Striker Get the first kill of the match # time(s).
Ghost Buster Kill a cloaked Pilot # time(s).
Unexpected Get # kill(s) whilst being cloaked.
Drop a Titan on it Get # kill(s) by dropping your Titan on the enemy.
Here Boy! Have your Auto-Titan get # kill(s) while in follow mode.
Good Boy! Have your Auto-Titan get # kill(s) whilst in guard mode.
Not So Fast Kill a Pilot who is ejecting # time(s).
Ninja Assassin Get # kill(s) whilst Wall-Hanging.
Stick Around Get # kill(s) whilst Wall-Hanging.
Oops, My Bad Run over # enemies with your Titan.
Oops, Didn't See You There Run over # pilot(s) with your Titan.
Look Around Execute # Pilots as a Pilot.
Kickin' It Get # kills using melee kick.
Swift Legs Kill # Pilots using melee kick.
Overkill Kill # enemies with melee as a Titan.
Meet My Fist Kill # Pilots(s) with melee as a Titan.
Human Smoothie Get # execution kill(s) as a Stryder Titan.
Quick Toss Get # execution kill(s) as an Atlas Titan.
Give me a Hand Get # execution kill(s) as an Ogre Titan.
Assassin Kill # enemies with the [Weapon].
Pilot Killer Kill # Pilot(s) with the [Weapon].
Titan Killer Kill # Titan(s) with the [Weapon].
Spectre Killer Kill # Spectre(s) with the [Weapon].
Grunt Killer Kill # Grunt(s) with the [Weapon].
Boom, Headshot! Get # headshot(s) with the [Weapon].
Marksman Get # critical hit(s) with the [Weapon].
Chain Lightning Kill # enemies with one Arc Cannon shot # times.
Fuel for the Fire Use # Burn Cards.
Bring it Home Capture # flags in Capture the Flag matches.
Bugged Out Get into the evac ship and survive # times.
In My Zone Capture # hardpoints.
Serial Killer Get a killing spree # time(s).
Wartime Efforts Play # matches of Attrition.
Trench Sweeper Win # matches of Attrition.
Captivated Audience Play # matches of Capture the Flag.
Captured Glory Win # matches of Capture the Flag.
Titan Fightin' Play # matches of Last Titan Standing.
Standing Tall Win # matches of Last Titan Standing.
Territorial Play # matches of Hardpoint Domination.
This Is My Land Win # matches of Hardpoint Domination.
On The Hunt Play # matches of Pilot Hunter.
Target Demographic Win # matches of Pilot Hunter.
Two's Company Play # matches of Wingman Last Titan Standing.
Together We Stand Win # matches of Wingman Last Titan Standing.
Targets of Opportunity Play # matches of Marked for Death.
Top Marks Win # matches of Marked for Death.

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