Deadly Ground is a game mode added to Titanfall on November 5th, 2014. It was a temporary game mode that can now only be played in the Variety playlist. Deadly ground consists of only three game modes such as Hardpoint Domination, Marked for Death and Capture the Flag.


Deadly Ground is a newer game mode that covers the ground with a thick layer of Electric Smoke. If a player falls into this white mist, they will begin taking damage, and will be given around 4 seconds to reach high ground before they die from electrocution. If the Pilot is already hurt, they may die quicker. Game modes usually depend on the map.

This game mode is Pilot-heavy. Titans are not as useful in this game mode than in others, as Titans cannot leave the Electric Smoke. Any Titans that are deployed during the match will be immune to damage until they leave their Dome Shield. It will then be inflicted with 1 point of damage each second, so it is important to avoid taking too much damage from enemy Titans or pilots as this will force players to eject rather quickly. Remember also that Titan shields are instantly and constantly down, as the Titan is always in the electric smoke. This makes Titans very weak and more vulnerable to fire from other Titans, and can easily be downed by a pilot using an anti-titan weapon. Titans are most useful in the auto-Titan mode, or as a way to get across large open areas of the map covered in fog, as the player is not harmed by the mist when in his/her Titan. Smart use of Titans in this game mode can change the course of a game, due to the limited time a Titan has before destruction.

When played as Capture the Flag, any flag carriers are visible constantly, instead of their location being shown every 5 seconds. There are no Minions in Deadly Ground. Like in regular CTF, a flag carrier cannot ride in his/her Titan and carry the flag at the same time. The flag carrier can still ride on friendly Titans, and will be kept safely above the smoke if they do so. This, if coordinated well, can lead to flag snatchers riding friendly titans to get back to base. This is very difficult to stop by the other team unless they have a Titan as well. Remember though that the pilot will be exposed while riding, as the Titan has no shield to protect him/her.

Strategies Edit

  • Because of the fact that all ground level areas, the inside of buildings and belowground areas included, is covered in lethal smoke, it is imperative that pilots keep to the rooftops and other high ground. This forces players to find new and creative ways to move about the map, as well as narrowing the approaches to certain areas of the map. Ironically, this game mode almost makes players focus more on survival than in fighting other pilots.
  • The mist does not produce the visual distortion like regular electric smoke and ARC weapons.
  • The smoke can be used to spot cloaked pilots. The mist is not electrified normally, it only electrifies when a pilot or Titan steps or falls into the mist. By looking out for the bursts of electricity from a pilot that got too close to the fog, you can see the pilot regardless if they are cloaked or not.
  • Positioning and the use of Parkor is highly necessary in this game mode, with any and all techniques, tactics, and methods of movement being used. This game mode is a test of skill for players, and should be played primarily by experienced players who are familiar with the maps and movement controls.

Recommended WeaponsEdit

Deadly ground is not well suited for weapons with a long range and usually require the use of shorter ranged weapons, such as the Smart Pistol MK5 and the SMGs. However other weapons can still be used effectively in this game mode, though players will have to excerise caution in some maps.

  • Long Ranged Weapons

Sniper rifles are not very useful here. For players that prefer to fight at range, it is recommended to use another rifle such as the G2A4 Battle Rifle or the R-101C Carbine and stick to rooftops where you can hit other players from a distance. If equipped with a preferred sight, the Spitfire LMG can work well too.

  • Short Ranged Weapons

SMGs work really well in most maps, due to most players not shooting at range, instead preferring to get close and not have to worry about the fog. Fights and shootouts take place mostly in buildings, on rooftops, or across the street. So fast, accurate SMG fire can easily dominate. The Shotgun may be "too short ranged", with shotgun users having to camp or defend to be useful. Lastly, the Smart Pistol, like in all modes, works quite well.

  • Pilot Anti-Titan Weapons
Due to the fact that titans in Deadly Ground have no shields, they are more vulnerable to Pilot weapons than in any other game mode, making Anti-Titan weapons more fun to use and more useful than in other game modes. The Sidewinder does particularly well shooting at the constantly exposed weak spots on Titans, and the Charge Rifle and Archer Heavy Rocket can down a Titan in one less shot without the need to punch through the shield. The Mag Launcher is still very handy at doing decent damage while shooting out of sight and around corners, but the fact that there are no spectres to shoot added to it's rather short range limits it's usability somewhat. It can be used as a low-damage, rapid-fire grenade launcher though, firing through windows or into doorways can drive enemy pilots away for a few precious seconds, or cause them to take some damage for staying.

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