Demeter is a planet within the universe of Titanfall, connecting the Core Systems to The Frontier. Before the destruction of the planet at the hands of the Frontier Militia, the planet was a valuable component of the IMC’s Military and colonial operations. Its massive refineries and refueling infrastructure allowed interstellar vessels to make incursions into the Frontier with relative ease – such ships would arrive with empty tanks for their jump drives. Otherwise the journey would take several years. For these reasons a carefully planned Militia assault would have a devastating effect on the IMC’s ability to maneuver – thus Demeter is fiercely guarded.[1]

The planet was destroyed by the Militia five years before the events of Titanfall 2, triggering a reform of the IMC Frontier forces into the Remnant Fleet and mass defections to the Militia cause.[2]

Demeter orbits a dying red giant star[1][3] which dominates the landscape, and is mostly uninhabited except for its MRVN Automated Assistants that maintain the refineries there. Its fourth moon housed Airbase Sierra.

Trivia Edit

  • Demeter is also the planet of destination for a group of young space explorers who have the mission to colonize – in name of the humankind – a new discovered world, in the movie Earth Star Voyager (Disney, 1988).

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