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Dome-shield screenshot

Dome-Shield surrounding a dropped Titan

Dome-Shield is a shield which protects recently deployed titans from damage temporarily. It will appear automatically on every dropped titan.

  • The Dome Shield lasts for 15 seconds, or for 25 seconds when using Dome-Shield Battery; but it will disappear shortly after your Titan gets up.
  • You can activate your Auto-Titan early by switching between Guard and Follow mode twice.
  • Titans under their own or a teammate's Dome Shield are almost immune to all damage. The shield itself will block any projectiles going in or out, however you can still be melee'd or crushed.
  • Enemy units under a Dome Shield will take damage. This is likely to prevent players from destroying inactive, recently dropped titans.
  • Titans under their own Dome Shield cannot be pushed out of their Dome Shield from an enemy titan's melee attack.
  • EMP effects (From Arc Grenades and Arc Mines) are cancelled out while within a friendly Dome Shield.

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