Downloadable Content, colloquially referred to simply as DLC, is a downloadable extension or addition to Titanfall. Players are able to download a collection of content such as maps, weapons and other features, although, this is only speculated.

So far, there are three confirmed downloadable content packs known as "Drop Pods" to be released sometime post-launch.

Season PassEdit

The Season Pass is a special digital-based purchase that allows the owner of Titanfall to receive all three downloadable content packs, known as Drop Pods, as soon as they become available upon their respective release dates for a one-time fee of $24.99 USD or £19.99.


Expedition, otherwise known as Drop Pod 1, is the first downloadable content for Titanfall. It will feature three new maps: Runoff, Swamplands, and Wargames.

Drop Pod 2Edit

Drop Pod 2 is the second downloadable content for Titanfall. More information to come.

Drop Pod 3Edit

Drop Pod 3 is the third downloadable content for Titanfall. More information to come.

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