Not to be confused with Captain Droz
Droz was formerly a Pilot working for The 6-4. He appears to be a Pulse Blade pilot, though - like Gates and Davis - he utilises a helmet worn by Militia pilots in the first Titanfall. He is currently leading The Last Resort, along with Davis.

 Titanfall 2 Edit


Droz first appears in the mission The Ark, along with three other members of the 6-4. He along with Bear, Davis, and Gates assist Pilot Cooper in the hijacking of the IMS Malta.

After clearing the bridge with the help of the others, he and the 6-4 provide cover fire during Cooper's battle with Viper. They maintain control of the Malta and use it to prevent reinforcements from surrounding Cooper. 

More recently Droz has been featured in Operation: Frontier Shield as part of the faction The Last Resort, along with Davis. After achieving victory, Droz mentions the fact that they have both left the 6-4.

Trivia Edit

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