Effect and Cause is the fifth mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. Jack Cooper and BT-7274 explore the ruins of a sprawling IMC research complex in their search for Major Anderson. Using the recovered Time Gauntlet, Jack jumps back and forth through the timestream as he uncovers General Marder's plot and the IMC's ultimate reason for being on Typhon.


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  • Find BT
  • Make your way to Major Anderson
  • Resume Anderson's mission
  • Find the Fold Weapon


Pilot HelmetsEdit

There are 8 Pilot Helmets to be collected in this mission.

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  • According to developer commentary, the secret behind jumping between the past and present versions of the mission is to build two entirely separate levels and just warp the player between the two.
  • In the final "freeze frame" of the mission, the NPCs are not placed in custom poses. They are simply copied from other precanned animations and frozen in the middle of them.

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