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Electric Smoke is a tactical ability unique to Titans, that focuses on preventing Pilots from rodeoing your Titan. When activated, it disperses smoke, which may hide your Titan`s movement from enemies, that quickly becomes electrified, damaging and disorienting non-friendly infantry or nearby Titans. It is highly damaging to pilots and Titan's shields, depleting them very quickly.

This tactical ability is arguably the most effective active defense against enemy pilots rodeoing your titan.  Once launched the cloud is stationary, so your titan has to stand in the cloud until the enemy pilot is dead, however it takes mere seconds to kill an enemy pilot and should be used without hesitation if equipped.

Electric Smoke is deployed as harmless smoke for 2 seconds, then it is electrified for 7 seconds. It deals damage in small intervals, dealing 15 damage to infantry and 200 damage to titans every 0.1 seconds, killing Grunts in 0.7 seconds, Pilots and Spectres in 1.4 seconds, and depleting Titan Shields in 1.2 seconds. This will doom any titan in no more than 6.375 seconds, the time required to doom a full health and shielded Ogre.

Being in electrical smoke prevents missile locks on you, but will not make any flying missiles lose you.

This tactical ability is unlocked at level 12.

This Tactical Ability is especially useful in the Frontier Defense game mode. Not only can it be used to kill spectres that rodeo your Titan, but it is very useful when used in narrow spaces to kill titans, and can be used right at the Harvester to kill the hoards of minions that gather at the Harvester if not protected. The other important fact about the smoke is that the AI does not target players in the smoke. This means that you can hide yourself and your allies in the smoke and even continue shooting, while all Auto-Titans and minions will ignore you for the duration of the smoke cloud.


  • Perfect for area denial or Dooming Titans
  • Fatal against minions and pilots caught in the smoke


  • Professional Pilots will disembark immediately as soon as they see the smoke appear

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