The Electric Smoke Grenade is a Pilot Ordnance in Titanfall 2. It functions as a grenade-deployed version of the Electric Smoke used by Titans. However, it has a much smaller radius and does not do as much damage as its older brother.

Strategies Edit

Aside from conventional uses, there are some useful but niche strategies one can employ with the ESG;

  • When thrown down while having the Threat Scope or Pulse Blade equipped, you can essentially create your own one-way vision (Similar to how Smoke Grenades and IRNV worked in Battlefield 4)
  • Try using the grenade against people camping with A-Wall. It will force them out of position or, at the very least, reduce their vision.
  • Use the ESG in Bounty Hunt and Attrition to farm points by deploying it on newly-spawned Drop Pods. Farm Grunts and Spectres easily.

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