Enhanced targeting

Enhanced Targeting is a weapon attachment that appears in Titanfall for the Smart Pistol MK5. It increases the speed of the lock-on feature and slightly increases effective range, but restricts the weapon to a smaller targeting window. It increases the lock-on range from 20 meters to 23.8 meters and it'll take 0.34 to 0.59 seconds per lock on a Pilot, 0.1 to 0.15 seconds per lock on Grunts and Spectres, and no delay between targets.

The smaller lock-on window can be a hindrance when engaging multiple minions. If planning to shoot mainly Spectres and Grunts, using Extended Magazine or Suppressor is advised, although this mod is almost mandatory for downing pilots, as the slow lock-on for pilots can be accelerated as well as it's range increased.

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